The Quantifiable Connection is the quantification of one fan’s love for “Interstellar.”  I’ll never forget walking out of the theater on November 7, 2014.  As I strolled along the promenade, unhurried while others rushed, my chest filled with peace.  No artistic expression had ever moved me so deeply.  And as I returned to the theater again and again, that connection only deepened.  Setting aside my love for human beings (and dogs… and possibly the snowy owl), nothing could ever mean more to me than “Interstellar.”

This site is a collection of philosophizing blog posts, Buzzfeed-style top tens, musical and visual art from “Interstellar” fans, and badass t-shirts.  It’s a privilege to share my passion with the world.

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  1. I am so glad I know there’s at least one other person who loves interstellar as much as I do. I’ve seen it at least 25 times start to finish and I’ve watched specific scenes (no time for caution, gargantua slingshot, tesseract) approaching 100 times. The way the movie interweaves a cold scientific concept like GR with human emotion is beautiful. As an astrophysics loving atheist, this movie was approaching a religious experience for me. In one scene (as you know) Coop says he could “swing around that neutron star”…well I painted, using an airbrush, gargantua and this hypothetical neutron star. I left a link below. They’re pretty big, 2ft by 4ft.

    1. I know exactly what you mean by “religious experience.” I must’ve used that term a thousand times in trying to explain my affinity to people. It’s amazing, too, how my love for the film grows and changes with me. Seven years down the line, I’m in a very different place in life, but “Interstellar” remains vitally important to me.

      Thanks for sharing your art! That’s really, really cool. I’ve fallen off on doing Art of the Week, but I’d love to feature your painting in a post.

      I’m curious about your background in astrophysics. Mind if I send you an email?

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