“No Time for Caution” Podcast: Psychedelics and The Tesseract

We’re back, baby! This week, Andy welcomes Dimitri to discuss similarities between the tesseract scene and a psychedelic trip. It’s a free-wheeling exploration of spirituality, astral plains, human frailty, good and evil, and extraterrestrials.

“No Time for Caution” Podcast: The Reality of Our Reality

This week, Andy tries an experiment: recording a podcast with someone who just finished the movie. Andy and Erik discuss pacing and dialogue, Matthew McConaughey, and the reality of our reality. Also, Andy grinds the show to a halt with a bizarre story about time travel.

“No Time for Caution” Podcast: Christopher Nolan and Storytelling

This week, Andy welcomes writer/artist Narwhal to discuss Christopher Nolan.  Andy and Narwhal talk about the docking scene, emotion versus plot, and how Nolan draws you in.  They also cover Quentin Tarantino, Narwhal’s writing process, and why video games and comics are “real” art.  Then Andy pins down Narwhal on life’s key question: what is love?

Narwhal is the creator of Earthbound, an epic sci-fi comic book.  Pick up the hardcover on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/earthbound-ft-hardcover.

Cover of the Week: “Main Theme” (hammered dulcimer)

The Cover of the Week comes from The Eadgyth. It’s Interstellar’s main theme played on a hammered dulcimer. I had no idea what that instrument was before watching this video. But the combination of strings and percussion suits the score well. Take a listen!