“No Time for Caution” Podcast: Psychedelics and The Tesseract

We’re back, baby! This week, Andy welcomes Dimitri to discuss similarities between the tesseract scene and a psychedelic trip. It’s a free-wheeling exploration of spirituality, astral plains, human frailty, good and evil, and extraterrestrials.

“No Time for Caution” Podcast: The Reality of Our Reality

This week, Andy tries an experiment: recording a podcast with someone who just finished the movie. Andy and Erik discuss pacing and dialogue, Matthew McConaughey, and the reality of our reality. Also, Andy grinds the show to a halt with a bizarre story about time travel.

Cover of the Week: “Main Theme” (hammered dulcimer)

The Cover of the Week comes from The Eadgyth. It’s Interstellar’s main theme played on a hammered dulcimer. I had no idea what that instrument was before watching this video. But the combination of strings and percussion suits the score well. Take a listen!

“No Time for Caution” Podcast: Evil, Good, and Love

This week, Andy celebrates Interstellar’s one-year anniversary with a discussion of evil, good, and love. He also speculates on how Siri could’ve ruined the moon landing and shares the real-life event that shaped his deep connection with the film. Happy belated birthday, Interstellar!