“No Time for Caution” Podcast: The Reality of Our Reality

This week, Andy tries an experiment: recording a podcast with someone who just finished the movie. Andy and Erik discuss pacing and dialogue, Matthew McConaughey, and the reality of our reality. Also, Andy grinds the show to a halt with a bizarre story about time travel.

“No Time for Caution” Podcast: Evil, Good, and Love

This week, Andy celebrates Interstellar’s one-year anniversary with a discussion of evil, good, and love. He also speculates on how Siri could’ve ruined the moon landing and shares the real-life event that shaped his deep connection with the film. Happy belated birthday, Interstellar!

Yes, they’re action figures… but it says “14 & up!”

I’m not a superhero guy.  I skip the Avengers movies, and I don’t read comics.  There’s no pristine Mego Superman sitting on my shelf.  That said, I’ve never found any of that “weird”; there’s a lot of unfair stereotypes about comic/fantasy/science fiction fans.  In truth, I’ve always envied their passion.

Well, today, I put that envy to rest.  My unfathomably deep connection to Interstellar has driven me to do something I’ve never done as an adult: purchase action figures.

That’s right!  Cooper and Brand are in my living room!
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The search for Cooper’s jacket

Watching Interstellar, two things become apparent: Cooper is a badass, and so is his jacket.

Interestingly, we were almost robbed of Cooper’s iconic threads.  In the screenplay stage, the Nolans intended for Cooper to wear a leather bomber jacket (driving home his past as a pilot).  But before production began, Nolan’s costume director thought better of it.  As a farmer of harsh earth, Cooper would wear something practical.  A Carhartt work jacket—along with a t-shirt and durable jeans—fit the bill.

Cooper’s jacket is brilliant product placement.  It’s not just a can of Pepsi sitting in the foreground; it functions in the story, leaving a stronger impression than a logo close-up.  This jacket is so sturdy, it’s running strong after a semi-apocalypse.  Clearly it could survive the meager hardships of my day-to-day life.  Thus began my search for Cooper’s jacket. (more…)

The Microsoft Paint Challenge has a winner!

Congratulations to sevgonlernassau for winning the Interstellar Microsoft Paint Challenge!  The mandate for this contest was to draw a scene from Interstellar using the most rudimentary design program available (64-color-palette maximum).

Sevgonlernassau’s piece, “23 Years Later,” depicts Brand’s sorrowful reaction to Romilly upon her return from Miller’s planet.  Considering the restrictions, I think it’s pretty impressive.

Thanks for playing, all!