Yes, they’re action figures… but it says “14 & up!”

I’m not a superhero guy.  I skip the Avengers movies, and I don’t read comics.  There’s no pristine Mego Superman sitting on my shelf.  That said, I’ve never found any of that “weird”; there’s a lot of unfair stereotypes about comic/fantasy/science fiction fans.  In truth, I’ve always envied their passion.

Well, today, I put that envy to rest.  My unfathomably deep connection to Interstellar has driven me to do something I’ve never done as an adult: purchase action figures.

That’s right!  Cooper and Brand are in my living room!

I think the likeness is actually pretty impressive (though Hathaway’s translation is more faithful than McConaughey’s).  I find the disembodied heads a little alarming, but at the same time, it’s nice to see what they look like in their helmets without having to open the package.  Hopefully, this will squash any Sheldon Cooper-like compulsion to rip off the plastic and play with them.

There’s a number of places you can pick these up, but some of the prices are outrageous.  eBay is not your friend with this item.  I pre-ordered mine from Gamestop and was very happy with the price and with the condition in which it arrived.  And if you’re feeling reticent about owning action figures because “toys are for kids, man,” our friends at the National Entertainment Collectibles Association have you covered.  Just look at the fine print!


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