I’m basically dedicating a whole wall to “Interstellar”

As you may have no noticed, I’m in love with all the artwork being made by Interstellar fans.  Since November, I’ve acquired 16 art prints.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to put off framing them since I’m not an oil tycoon.

In the meantime, I’ve started “small” with another piece.  My favorite Interstellar poster features Cooper and Murph peering up at the blue sky.  I was able to find a high-resolution versionwithout the title or creditsthat would print well in large dimensions (36 x 24).  After a painless online order, I picked up my laminated print from the local FedEx Office.

This poster represents the promise of my eventual collection.


“No Time for Caution” Podcast: The Humanity of TARS and CASE

This week, Andy and Tim discuss whether TARS and CASE are sentient beings. They also cover the robot apocalypse, the future of invasive advertising, jerk kids who spill chili, and Tim’s budding career as a vaudeville performer for senior citizens.

American Journal of Physics wants “Interstellar” taught in school

According to the American Journal of Physics, Interstellar should be taught in schools. “Visualizing Interstellar’s Wormhole” suggests the film can introduce elementary school students to general relativity, allowing them to draw connections between the underlying mathematics and the visual splendor of scientific concepts as depicted in the film. (more…)

Unreleased IMAX trailer

For my fellow Interstellar addicts, I suspect this is nothing new, but a reader named Dave shared with me an unreleased IMAX trailer.  It splices Cooper’s existential musings with seminal moments from the history of space flight.  Interestingly enough, Dave mentioned seeing it in a domed theater, like they have at planetariums.  I’m jealous; that’s such a unique experience.