Religiosity, humanity in Hans Zimmer’s score

In this video, Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer discuss the origins of Interstellar’s score and provide insights into its performance.  I love their musings about the organ.  Nolan notes its religiosity; he thinks it represents mankind’s attempt to portray the mystical and metaphysical.  Zimmer says “there’s something very human about [the organ], because it can only make a sound with air. It needs to breathe.”  Nolan adds: “You feel human presence in every sound.  That’s important to keeping the film bound.”

3 thoughts on “Religiosity, humanity in Hans Zimmer’s score

  1. Gave me goosebumps, when he said “You can hear the exhale” of the music and the sounds and the music started. Such a beautiful soundtrack for a great movie.

  2. Fantastic score, probably the best I’ve heard since Blade Runner OST and 1492: Conquest of Paradise OST both by Vangelis. Roger Sayer is a genius and Zimmer just nailed this soundtrack. Can’t stop listening to it! 🙂

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