The “Interstellar” Microsoft Paint Challenge: Win a Free T-shirt!

Sometimes in life, you have to make do with very little.  Just ask Doctor Mann.  In that spirit, I’m pleased to announce the Interstellar Microsoft Paint Challenge!  The winner will receive a free t-shirt* from my RedBubble shop.

Here’s the deal.  Using the most rudimentary program at your disposal (for Windows users, it’s Microsoft Paint), depict a scene—any scene—from Interstellar.  It can be one panel or a comic strip.  Submissions must be saved as a Bitmap and use only a basic 64-color palette.  It can be serious; it can be silly; it can be anything you want.

Submit your entry by email to (Subject: MS Paint Challenge) by July 4, 2015.

* Winners have the choice of a unisex t-shirt, unisex tank top, women’s t-shirt, organic t-shirt, or organic women’s t-shirt.

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